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"I just wanted to thank you for the great job your company did on our new roof. We really appreciated Premier Systems Inc. and the information they gave us. They were outstanding in the information on what your workers were doing all through the time they were putting on our roof. May the Lord bless your business and the future work you'll have."

Ken & Joyce Waddell

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"First Premier Systems examined the roof, discovered the damage and with their experience determined a new roof was required. We reviewed my insurance policy and they explained how to contact the insurance company's claim office and start the claim. Later, the insurance company contacted me with a claim number, an adjuster's name, and time for a future meeting. Premier Systems and the adjuster both climbed the roof and examined the hail damage. The adjuster determined a total new roof was mandatory, we discussed a settlement and he wrote a check from his automobile. The whole transaction lasted less than three hours. As the crew removed the old roof, Premier Systems documented my shingles were forty-year shingles rather than the thirty-year shingles. He contacted the adjuster and discussed with the adjuster a twelve percent increase in the settlement payment was appropriate.

The crew was efficient, but I believe the secret was they knew an experienced supervisor was observing the repairs. My spouse was impressed - the crew went about in a workman like manner without a "boom box" as we heard at a neighbor's roof repair. Please pass on our thanks to the supervisor who was always around when needed. The clean up was remarkable."

Linda and John DeFrees

"This letter is to introduce Scott Meyer of Premier Systems, Inc. This company has recently installed a new roof on my house. In the past three or four years I have had to deal with a number of contractors both at my home and as Property Chair at Crown Heights Christian Church.
In these dealings I have often been disappointed in what the contractors claimed ahead of time what would be completed and what was actually completed during the course of the project.

It has been a pleasure working with Scott and other members of Premier Systems. They were extremely helpful in dealing with the Insurance Adjuster, and were thorough in explaining what was needed and how they would proceed with the process of installing a new roof. They kept me informed about problems that came up (this house is about 60 years old) and worked very hard to keep my part of the expenses to a minimum.

Therefore, I can highly recommend Scott Meyer and his associates for any roof repairs you might need. I also believe they would handle other types of repairs with great knowledge and professionalism."

Tom Qualls